Why prefer a logbook?


Keeps you personal data safe

You can use your web browser to collect notes and even files such as Images, Pdf's, Videos, Cad files, Excel sheets etc. to sync directly into the LogBook, which is encrypted i.e. totally secure and inaccessible to anyone else without your permission.


Builds stronger Collaboration

LogBook gives you the platform to build your team and work together. Clearer communication ensures a more efficient operation. Thus you can collaborate with people easily which prevents the headache of manual team formation.


Provides access to sharing

LogBook gives you the platform and the advantage to share your work with the team members involved in a project, even with the non team members such as professors for the evaluation of the daily work done during the Capstone Project.

It was a treat to experience the execution of a software-based project executed so beautifully by a multi-disciplinary team of budding engineers. It was also a pleasure to see the enthusiasm, teamwork, professionalism which lead to the final engineered product, following the generic engineering design process.


-Associate Professor

This is an exemplary project execution by a multi-disciplinary team of students demonstrating what experiential learning on a real-world project is all about. This should serve well to inspire students of all engineering branches to learn skills beyond the curriculum which would help them secure careers using software tools in the new normal after the pandemic


-Deputy Director & Professor

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford. These young budding engineers, drawn from diverse domains, have proved it true. I am really proud of this team and wish them great success in all future endeavours.


-Associate Professor